Sunday, November 11, 2012

Balloon Flowers Lawn Decorations.

For each flower:
1 - Wooden dowel
5 - Balloons for petals
1 - Contrasting color balloon for Center
Green Duck Tape
Rubber Cement
*Wire Hanger (optional)

1. Cut a pieces of duck tape the length of your dowel. Center the dowel on the duck tape and wrap the tape around the dowel.  

2. To make leaves, fold strips of duck tape in half (stick sides together) and cut leaf shapes out of the tape. Bend leaves around stem and tape in place.

3. Blow up the 5 petal balloons to the same size and the contrasting balloon slightly smaller. Tie the petal balloons to the contrasting balloon. Once done it will look like this:

4. On a flat surface spread out the petals to make a 5 petal flower holding the center in place. Use rubber cement at all the places the balloons touch each other and hold until dry (a minute or two)

5. Thread the stem behind the balloon knots in back and tape in place.

*If you are going to be placing in hard ground you may want to cut two pieces of wire from a wire hanger to tape to the bottom of the stem to make it easier to push into the ground.